Thursday, April 19, 2018


Hello Fashionable Beauties, so it's been quite a long time since I've been up here. Lately my life has been taking me in so many directions, it started to feel so overwhelming. When you're trying to get your life in order with the kids, school, and work, it definitely can make a woman go crazy. I had to step back just a bit, and get things right with school, and work . You see I so want to get my position as a paralegal working in the immigration feel, but for some odd reason, either my schedule didn't work out right for the job I have or vice versa- yay! you can only imagine my frustration...
Now that I've figure it all out, and I'm reading to get back into things....I'm ready. I got to be honest, I really do miss blogging, so I decided that I'll start getting back into things again. I've gain a little weight, but guess what, I'm very happy, and counting my blessings, leaving me in my best state of mine.
With all that said, I do hope that all has been well with you guys. What I have on up here is not new, but it's the beginning of me getting back. Let's talk about this outfit.
Top: Asos 
Denim: Zara
Shoes: Lou Chris


Monday, June 13, 2016

Bold Print Jumpsuit

Bold Print Jumpsuit

Hello Fashionable Beauties, I had so much fun wearing this fun print jumpsuit over the weekend. My son and I took the time out to take a walk in the park on an early Saturday morning just to find out it was cool and windy~ (he he!). Regardless, I decide to make the day into something. This jumpsuit has been laying around in my bedroom for the pass month or so. Finally deciding to blog about it, I realize how long it!. However, I love the print, feel and texture of this jumpsuit. I paired it with some fun accessories and comfortable wedges to make this whole look complete, perfect for that retro inspired look. Hope you're week was full with fun. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the pictures.





JUMPSUIT: @ Lulus Similiar Here
ARM BRACELET: @ Lulus Here
WEDGE SHOES: Steve Madden (old)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Purpose In My Stride


Hello! Fashionable Beauties,  I was so happy to wear this pleated sheer and solid crop top midi dress 
 over the weekend for my son's confirmation. It is the perfect game changer for this spring season, I believe every girl should have a piece with pleats in her closet. You can play up the look so beautifully, especially with the various pastel colors. I love how feminine and flowy the dress is, it makes me feel like a princess and paired with some silver heels and fresh roses the dress is perfect for that special occasion. Wish you guys all the best and have a great week. Enjoy! the pictures.

Dress: Shop Here




Monday, May 16, 2016

Blush Peplum

Hey, Fashionable Beauties! I am back with another weekend look. I was so excited over the weekend, I had to get this post out for you all. I went with a simple yet chic look, and I fell in love with the outcome. This Peeped Up Blush Peplum Top is a quick and easy piece that will have you ready in no time. The sleek, woven material forms a dated bodice to your body, making it a fun and flirty at the same time. I paired it with casual rip jeans and gold heel, an outfit fit for that casual occasion. Hope you guys like the look , and enjoy the pictures. Have a great week you all.




Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Bohemian Dress Outfit- Maxi
Hello Fashionable Beauties,
I was so happy to receive this dress, I couldn't wait to throw it on in order for you all to see it. I'm so in love with the front cut of the dress and the print. It is so very soft and has a pretty comfortable flow when in motion. I didn't planned out on how to wear this dress, so I just threw my hair in a bun grabbed a few of my old necklaces and had my son took the photos. I had a pretty nice time swirling around on the rooftop of my building and flowing around in my dress. This summer I plan to be in plenty of maxi dresses and off the shoulder top which seems to be the latest trends this season. So I do hope you like  and enjoy the pictures. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!



Asos Dress: Similiar Here