Monday, November 23, 2015

70's remix - Flared Metallic Jumpsuit




Trends always have a way to make a comeback, but  this time it's with some tiny changes. Take for instant the metallic flare jumpsuit. I really had fun wearing for this photoshoot. I really love and enjoy this feminine yet sophisticated look, jumpsuits can be kind of intimidating, but with the right styling and accessories you're bound to be on the right track. I paired this one with my faux-fur coat to help with the cold winds , yet adding that cool edge to the jumpsuit.
Jumpsuit: Shop Asos

Monday, November 9, 2015




Hello! Fashionable Beauties, So this was just quick outfit I put together over this weekend. My son had to beg me into doing the shoot, to be honest I was super exhausted. Since, my trip back from Belize, I was just able to get proper sleep. Belize had me knotted out, and coming back to NY I had no time to rest, but get back into normal routine with work and the boys. So now that have slept and got my life back to normal, hopefully I can start blogging again consistently. Hope you have a great week. God bless and .....MUAH!!!!

Turtleneck Dress-Shop Here @ Lulus - Hat-@ Lulus- Boots- Michael Kors (old)

Monday, September 14, 2015

All Tied Up

So I've been away for a very long time and I must admit, I've been slacking, but then again blogging is on my own personal time. Just to update you guys about what I've been up to this summer, my boys and I had taken a trip to Perris, California for my Aunt's 50th birthday gathering which was absolutely amazing. Vegas was apart of that trip, where I spent another week with my sisters and their family. I'm just grateful that I had the time to get away from the jungle (New York). Once I made it back home my kids stayed back for the remaining summer, which left me without my photographer, Brandon, my younger son. Oh! I miss my boys while they were away, but it also gave me a break to just relax and be on my paste with things. Blogging was certainly being miss too.
With that said, my life is back to normal with the kids home and their start up for school. So this weekend I took my first set of pictures starting with this lace up top, that I absolutely love. I couldn't wait to share this up coming trend with you all, that's sure to be very popular this fall . I think it's sexy, flirtatious and daring, which works fine for a girl like me :). It's a bodysuit that can be worn over any garment of your choice, I choose to wear this leather flare skirt which for me ads cuteness and class. Hope that my presence back will be accepted and with that I hope that you will enjoy the pictures and have a bless week.....MUAH!!!!!!!
Top: Lace Up Top, Skirt: Lulus(old), Shoes: Laced Up

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lush Culottes

Hello! Fashionable Beauties, Hope that your days has been bright and fill with joy. I haven't been on top of my blogging game lately and I'll be honest, I do miss it. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to quickly put this outfit together which was quite different for me. I really love the look of the nude bodysuit tucked into the lush ivory culottes, which are polished off with a pair of neutral mule sandals.....(which by the way, is supper comfortable).
I'll recommend these culottes to just about every girl, and woman. It's the best way to wear pants while feeling comfortable as if you're wearing a skirt.
Vest: Forever21(old)~ Bodysuit: Forever21(old)~Culottes Pants: LushClothing/@TJmaxx ~ Shoes: Jessica Simpson /@TJmaxx

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Trend: Duster

Hello Fashionable Beauties,  Yes, it's been awhile and I'm sorry the weather is finally getting to my liking. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that I'm anemic, so if the weather is not 80 and above for me I'm cold. Here in New York the weekend was so beautiful with a light cool breeze just perfect for me to wear my duster that I'm in love with. It's the perfect piece to have in your closet for this season. The trend is so hot right now I want it in ever color if possible. So ladies make sure you go on the hunt for one. I plan on wearing this a lot into the spring/fall season. Hope you guys like the pictures. Have a beautiful and great week....Muah!!!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Walk The Line

Hello! Fashionable Beauties, It's been ages since I've been on here. I got to be honest, I'm really not one of the best blogger when the winter time comes rolling around. This year it was a killer for us New Yorkers and honestly my bloody ass was staying in with some hot cocoa and cozy socks. What a blogger I am huh? .......anyway, beside that I always had to make little changes in my life and kids for the next step that I'm preparing for us. For those that knows me already I work a 9-5 job and six months ago I enrolled myself in a night class to further my studies in order to obtain a career and make better money. These night classes takes a toll on my body leaving me drain by the time I get home to my kids. I pray that what I'm doing will all work out for me, with a positive and focus perseverance I believe it will. So please forgive me for lacking on here.

Now, for this outfit. The Friday night I came from my classes I was looking around in my closet and came upon these trousers that I've purchase way back in October, but never had a chance to wear them since it was around the time I started night class. I was so happy that the weather this weekend was bright, sunny and fear enough to still wear a pair of open toe strappy heels. I felt like I was back to my old self doing what I love. The poncho was my favorite piece from this outfit, I think it brings everything together perfectly. So there you have it guys, hope that you guys like and will get some kind of inspiration. For now have a bless day and as the weather gets warmer I'll keep bringing the post to you all.....MUAH!!!!

top:forever21~trousers:lulus highwaisted pants :Jessica Simpson(old)~ poncho:similiar HERE 


Thursday, October 30, 2014



Hey! Fashionable Beauties, I'm really happy that I'm back to do what it is I love. Over the weekend I had a chance to blog and had fun with my son while doing it. We really had a great time since the weather was so nice and just perfect. I've always wanted to wear a leather  jacket and put a look together. This is my first leather jacket that I've ever own. You would think that living in New York it would be the number piece in my closet right?!...unfortunately not.
We were so fortunate that the weather permitted us to walk around the neighborhood and find a block that was lined up with motorcycles. Perfect for the outfit that I was wearing for this  shoot. My son was excited and kept shouting," perfect mom, just perfect". I decided on an all black outfit with burgundy fedora hat and shoes to combine everything together. It's a simple outfit yet with an edginess to it. With that said, I would advice very, girl and woman to have that one piece in her closet...A LEATHER JACKET!!! and please don't wait a life time to get one. Have a bless and safe weekend.
Top~EileenFisher/ Jeans~ Shop here ASOS/ Leather Jacket~Shop here LULUS/ Shoes~Shop here LULUS/ Hat~ Shop similiar here LULUS