Monday, April 14, 2014

Floral Crop Top

Hello! Fashionable Beauties,

                             So I finally had the opportunity to get up, get dress and blog about this outfit. It was a fun, warm and enjoyable weekend for me and I do hope that you all had a great one too. As we all know the crop tops are everywhere this season, I'm really not into them that much just because I feel like its for the younger girls, but that's just my opinion. I did a little shopping over the weekend and really liked this one just because of the print and the fact that it's not that much under my breast area where all my tummy is being revealed. I paired it the top with an old loose peg pants I got couple months back, white blazer from sister-in-law, and nude shoes to lighten up the look. I do hope you guys like the pics and have a great week...MUAH!!!

What I'm wearing
Crop Top: (Century 21) similar HERE, Pants: (Asos) HERE, Blazer: ( Borrowed) similar HERE, Shoes: Zara HERE

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hey! Fashionable Beauties, I know I haven't been around for a long time. To be honest, we have been experiencing the worst cold storms here in New York. There was no way I was going to pretend like it was spring and my ass would have been freezing and later get sick from all that cold in my head and back. I'm so excited though that the spring time season is coming. I haven't really started my spring and summer time shopping as yet, which is not like me, but I've been real reluctant to do anything because of this drastic weather. However, I had a little a chance to put this simple yet chic casual outfit. I've had this top and denim for about a year now and each time I would wear it, I would get plenty of kind compliments about it, or where I got the pieces from. So I decided to blog about it , and wear the pieces with cute casual strap heels. It's nothing much anyone can't put together, but I wanted to share something with you guys to start the spring blogging on. Hope you guys like the pics and will enjoy. Have a great and beautiful day...MUAH!!!

top~choies(here)~denim~zara(similar here)~shoes~zara(similar here )

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In The Navy

Hey! Fashionable Beauties,  So here I am again this time showing off some legs. Because the weather was so nice like I mentioned in my last post I was able to wear this lovely navy bodycon dress. I just love the way it hugs my body. I'm not too much into accessories if you guys know that already why I didn't grab on to clutch. I figure the dress is so versatile that I'll leave the accessories up to you guys to wear with what and however you want. I just wanted to wear the darn Not much pictures were taken for this post, just because my son wasn't in the mood after I stop him from watching his program therefore I selected the best ones. I do hope you guys like and will enjoy...MUAH!!!.
dress~lulusSIMILAR HERE~shoes~enzo(old) HERE

Monday, February 3, 2014

Black Out

Hey! Fashionable Beauties,

Hope that your weekend was a splendid and a happy one. Here in New York we had a beautiful weekend warm enough that I was able to wear a open toe shoes for my dinner date. Unfortunately, it was only short live cause here we are back again in the snow this Monday morning :(. Anyway!!! my outfit. I'm not one to always post an outfit that I would normally wear to the club, but I figure I step out of my box and just go with it. Here in New York us girls are known for a all black outfit when in the winter time. It's the perfect outfit to hide just about any  flaws that we don't like. For me I personally like an all black outfit just because it gives me that sleek city girl look, not saying I don't have flaws cause God knows I do. I'm one of my biggest critics which is a bit annoying, but I always keep in mind that if I don't like what I see change it. So here you have a sleek, sexy and city life look ( at least in my eyes).  Hope you guys like the look and will enjoy the pictures. Have a great week, God bless and MUAH!!!!!

blazer~lulus(old)~top~asos~highwaist pants~asos~boots~stevemadden(old)~bag~coach

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mix Patterns & Burgundy


Hey! Fashionable Beauties, so its been a long while since I've posted anything for you guys. To be honest the winter time here in New York has been very brutal to us. Like I mention awhile back I'm the worst blogger around this time. I'm already for the summer if you ask me :). However, with that said this Sunday was a little nicer to us windy but, cool enough for me and my boy to get these pic to you guys. This is not anything fancy or that I haven't woren before except for the pants which, I love so very much from the color, high waist and length,it is perfect. They were so comfortable and the fit is just right. When it comes to my top and blazer these are pretty old so I just mixed the two prints together and BINGO!!! my outfit was created. The morning was cold and windy which didn't help make my hair stay in place but, with my big smile and cool outfit I hope you guys like the pictures and will have a great day. God Bless!! and Happy Martin Luther Day!!.....MUAH!!!


Monday, December 9, 2013

I Live For The Ap-plaids

Hey! Fashionable Beauties, Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as we all prepare for the Christmas. I've been doing a lot of gift shopping, decorating and food preparation. It's just so much fun. I recently celebrated my 36th birthday and was so grateful for my family and friends for the way things turned out for me. I was given all the gift cards from my favorite clothing stores but, this year I wanted to give back so instead of me buying pieces for myself I bought stuff for my family and friends. It felt so good doing so, I was just please with my night out and dinner with my boyfriend who did an awesome job taking time in making sure my night was what I wanted from the restaurant he selected to the glass of wine I was drinking. It was beautiful, quite and just the way I wanted it. Okay, lets get to the outfit. I purchase this skirt a couple months back and was so in love just because of all the plaid, the season best trend right now. Paired with a simple black turtleneck I figure it was the perfect match for the fall/winter season and for that extra mix of things I added my leopard shoes. Hope you guys like this simple yet classic look. Have a great week everyone...MUAH!