Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little Blush and Plum

What I'm wearing?

In memory of my Grandmother who I lost to breast cancer, I decided to purchase this blazer from forever21 Komen Sponsor Organization which is in support to the women lost or going through it. My top is also a piece from forever21 along with the plum skirt. I paired it of with my animal print belt purchase @ marshalls, not quite a usual use, but I think it turned out right. hope that you guys like as well.....Muah!!!


  1. What ever clothes you don't wear any more you should set up a blog store to sell the pieces. I would totally buy your clothes. You have great taste. Sorry about your Grandmother. I'm sure she looking down on you as your guardian angel.

  2. Sorry, to hear about the lost of your Grandmother... I'm sure she is smiling down on you!!!! This was truly a great way to honor her!!!! *Blessings*

  3. rip to your grandmother you look great and Im sure if she saw you she would think so too.. love ya



  4. Great post...great style. I lost my mother to breast cancer so I feel ya a 100%.