Monday, February 20, 2012

Flesh Of Colors

                                                                                                Top: Unknown Blazer
                                                                 Corset Top: Forever21
                                       Shoes: Enzo Angiolino

Ok I get ask alot why is it that I only take my pics on the roof well this is the honest truth. I really don't get to go any where with the clothes that I have. I prefer to just model off my clothes simply too because I can't take a big ass camera in some of the places or at least the place that I go to. Another thing is I can go the park with my son but, the people around here are so nosy and always outside just waiting for something to happened. If I can inspire young girls and women anyway possible I hope that where I take the pics is not a problem. Get inspired and be happy.....MUAH!!!


  1. I know about them NOSEY ppl watchers... I ALWAYS have an audience when I take my pictures!!!!

    At any rate... the colorblock skirt is cute!

  2. Amazing skirt! The colours look so nice on you.

    The Style Visitor

  3. I love how you rock a corset. I love them.

  4. great color blocked skirt! Like those nude shoes too, X

  5. I love that skirt.. checking Lulu's ASAP :)


    1. Thank you..they have a few but, if you don't find it there check out as well...

      Hope this was helpful