Friday, April 20, 2012

Peacock Lady

                                                                  Top: Tjmaxx
                                                                     Skirt: Raja Boutique
                                                             Shoe: Nicole Miller

I was lucky with the weather and feeling pretty with my choice of outfit. I took one look @ my peacock rink and earrings and just went with it. I pair my top with another one of my new found stretch skirt which I am so in love with. My shoe well, I just wanted something to match the belt. The weather is being to suck here in NewYork starting with today (Friday). So therefore, our weekend is going to suck. we tried our best to get some decent shots but, didn't work so I tried to alter them with my photo enhancer and these were the result...I hope you guys like....Muah!!!!


  1. Amazing look & outfit Lady! MALE APPROVED! Hope all is well with you and those great young men of yours! Keep the great looks coming! - JT

    1. Thank you John... The boys and I are doing great :)

  2. You're wonderful ! You're so chic ! I love this outfit !

  3. Love the colorblocking here! Great look!