Friday, May 25, 2012

All In Vegas

Dress: Seven (Ross Department), Belt: Brother In Law, Shoes: Zara

Okay so I was away on vacation for two weeks California where I started and Las Vegas where I ended my journey. I had a lovely time with my family who lives in both state. If you visit my previous post you get a chance to see my family pics. Anyway, from the time i knew that I was going to visit these places I just knew I had to take advantage of the weather and scenery. How gorgeous it turned out to be each an everyday that i was there. Thanks to my beautiful sister for encouraging me each day to get up and dress. Love her.

Thanks to her she gave me this beautiful dress that I love so much, not because she gave it to me but, because the dress was comfortable, flowy and easy to wear. It came with an elastic waist but, decided that I needed a belt to enhance the look of the dress but, begin that i was on vacation and didn't take one dress belt i grabbed my brother-in-law belt from off his pants and tied it in the It turned out pretty nice if you ask me. The weather was warm, sunny and windy which made the pics come out just right. I use different backgrounds from in the streets, my sisters backyard and front door. Hope you guys like the look and thanks for all the comments and it's nice to be back....Muah!!!!


  1. I hope you had fun in Vegas. You look really cute in that dress.

  2. The dress is really pretty!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. beautiful dress and pictures!!!

  4. Ok, so you officially have the best high-low dresses! This one is so cute!

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