Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gold Mine

                                                                      Top: Forever21
                                                                  Shorts: Forever21
                                                           Acessories: Forever21
                                                                       Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Just another look I place together wearing all forever21 clothing and accessories. It's one of those oufti that just laid back for a simple dinnner or hangout with friends. It's comfortable a relaxing. You can change this outfit around so many ways for that more relaxed look. a pair of gold or nude sandals would that for you. Lose the clutch and place it with a strap on fringe or satchel bag. Accessories is always what make your outfit so mix and match which ever way it will make you feel, happy and different in order to stand out. Hope you guys like the look and will feel inspired....Muah!!!

Have a warm and bless day!!


  1. you look really nice,
    i love the combination of the necklace and the t-shirt :)

  2. this look is gorgeous love the top and how you paired the entire outfit with the red shoes!!!

    1. Thank you Jeimy u're always so nice...have a great day honey!!

  3. I love the way you accessorized with the red shoes and leopard bag, beautiful! BTW you have such handsome boys. I have two boys myself, including a Brandon too!:)

    1. Hey! Kel, thanks for stoping by I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for the comment on the boys.. They r a handful..... Lol
      That's cool we both have a Brandon.
      Take care Kel

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    I just found your blog!
    I love it!

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    Thank you!!!

  5. what a lovely top<3
    maybe u would like to vsit my blog and fllw each other?

  6. such a cute accs<3
    come by and lets fllw each other if you love to do dear:))

  7. Really amazing look~! I am crazy about your top~!
    Saw your looks at Chictopia site and come to your blog to say how I really love them~! I found a lot of inspiring outfits and posts here in your blog also,
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    Keep posting~! )

    Olga / blogging from South Korea
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  8. Great look ! U have beautiful legs :) would u like to follow each other ? I follow u now, please follow me too :)
    Kisses :*

  9. I love how this outfit came together. It looked pretty when you showed the pieces from your shopping trip but looks so awesome on. Loving how you styled it! ;)

    You Like It? I Made It!

  10. agree on versatility of the outfit and accessory to make everything work. Ones I turned my huge oversized sweater into a fancy look with accessories.
    lovely shoes and gold suits so pretty!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  11. Hey Jaela! I think your style is awesome! Thank you for always being so encouraging. You absolutely made my day to day And I had no idea that you are a fellow New Yorker! Love that! Keep in touch. xoxo
    Simmy P.

    1. Glad I was able to make your day. You truly is an awesome dresser and I admire you for that, you are a great inspiration. Hope to meet you someday and thanks for your comment.. Enjoy! your day Simmy...Muah!

  12. cute!!! the red pumps add a nice touch :)

  13. really love your top :)
    can we follow each other ?

    Tamara xxxx