Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jersey Asymmetrical Drape Skirt

Hi! Fashionable Beauties, hope that your day is going well. I was so excited to share this attire with you guys. I'm so loving my body-conscious skirt that is beautifully drape on one side. It so add style,sexiness and demands attention. It is so artfully design and the feel is just fantastic. Asymmetrical skirts are very adaptable. You can wear these in a period and also to just about any event. I decided on the usual high heels and crop top which fell right into the waist line of the skirt. I can only say that SEXY is what this skirt made me feel. Have a great evening and hope that you feel inspired..Muah!!

What I'm Wearing

Top~Conway ~Skirt~Urbanoutfitters~Shoes~Mia 


  1. GORGEOUS Ms. Jaela! - JT

  2. I love your skirt, really unique!
    Georgia x

  3. great look!!

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  4. Love four things about this dress: how it is draped, that it is black and white, that it has animalier touch, is assymetrical and how it lies on you! You look perfect in it! How can you have such a georgeous body if you are a mom of two kids! I admire you! Like the make up a lot as well!

  5. Love them shoes and that skirt!


  6. Follow you back now! keep in touch :) Like your shoes.

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  8. This is a great way to eroticize your leg, it gives them an incredible sensuality.