Sunday, June 23, 2013

Repeat Performance

Hey! guys, sorry for the long wait on posting on my blog. Been enjoying the summer weather so much with my boys and family I simply just want to head straight out and forget about blogging. However, I decided I'd share this outfit with you guys. The reason I call it repeat performance is because I wore this outfit on a date....yes!! a date. Ooo! was I a bloody rec couple days before the date came. So nervous I cried, I haven't been on a date since two years. I really hate dating. After my split from my 6 years relationship I made a conscious decision to place God in my life and take focus on my kids and myself. And after two years of that I got to know myself  much better, my kids are happy and things just always work out for me. After that date I realize how much I have evolve and really don't need a man by my side to make me feel better about myself. I love myself and I feel like I'm in a good place but,  I'm happy that I stepped out and gave it a chance. Second date? only time will tell. Hope you guys like the outfit and will feel inspired......MUAH!!!


  1. Great message and love this date night look

  2. Gorgeous look and I love your sandals!

  3. You are just radiant here! Love, love, LOVE those shoes! I've been wanting to get some like them for a while now. You just gave me another reason to do so, haha.

  4. Nice look Jaela! Perfect for a date! Love the shoes!

    xo, Kenya @ Kenya L Fashion Blog

  5. You look amazing I love the outfit and glad you went out and gave it a chance I hope you find love one day you deserve you're such a great mother and woman and one day love will find you hang in there. I want details on that blazer I love it!

    1. Hey! J, thank you so much appreciate those kind words. I will hang in there and just take my time. I still feel I have certain things to figure out. Okay enough about that, about the outfit I was in a totally rush getting the pics on the blog why I forgot to label the pieces... Blazer~forever21~Jeans~guess~Shoes~Nine West. Thanks Jeimy!!!

  6. Gorgeous Jaela! I love those shoes girl! I can't wait to get back to NY. I was hoping this summer but I'm going to Miami instead. Hopefully later this year.

  7. Simple ...but so chic!! You look stunning!!
    I understand your words, I am a single mom too....

    xx, Joana

  8. I really love this look!! I just bought a white vest.

  9. Ooooo... congrats on your date! Great look for date night as well!