Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello!! Jessica Alba

Hello! Fashionable Beauties, So here I am again after a long time. I was so busy with checking and responding to my emails from my followers and clothing company that I didn't have enough time to blog over the past weekends. I guess that's why I love blogging, it's on our own time. Okay I know, I know I'm no Jessica Alba and I'm certainly not trying to be her, but as long as I'm blogging I'm going to imitate her style of dressing. I don't or have never attempt anyone's style, but seeing Jessica in this blush Ralph Lauren skirt and crop sweater was something just beautiful. She looked so beautiful, all I kept saying was, I'm going to imitate that look."so I went on a massive web search for a blush skirt and sweater crop top. I was able to come up with these two pieces, which is nothing like Jessica's, but pretty darn close. Because it wasn't the exact look that is what gave my look it's own unique twist to call my own. I do hope you guys like the look and pics and will be inspired as well....Muah!! 

top~bcbg(tjmaxx)~skirt~asos~shoes~anne michelle~bag~calvin klein


  1. Lovely look!!! love your skirt!


  2. You an awesome job recreating this out!

  3. You are gorgeous hun!!! always love to take look on your blog


  4. Great look..... Everyone was swooning over her look:)

  5. You look fabulous!!!! Love this!!!!

  6. Totally chic Jaela! I love it!

  7. Amazing look!! you are pretty

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    A chic kiss ;)

  8. Very classy, lovely look! You did that!

  9. girl i saw that pic of jessica alba and just swooned, she did that and you did that too!! I want that skirt so bad so I can recreate the look!! you look beautiful