Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lacey Maxi Skirt

Lacey maxi Skirt
Corset, Boyshorts, Skirt all Forever21

Ok so heres another outfit i put together over a conversation with my Mom. It was  40 degrees at the time that I took the pic. I had these pieces from like over the summer and was talking to my Mom about the skirt and how I would wear it, well I dare myself I would wear them out in the cold with my cute bootie shorts that I go from forever21. My Mom isn't too please about the nasty gal effect but, I love it and told her that I'll wear it out just like this for the

So here you have my daring outfit hope that you guys like....Muah!!!


  1. Loving this outfit but I couldn't wear it out. Its more of like for editorial pictures. Love it!!!!!!

  2. I couldn't do it! But you lady...are rockin' it!

  3. omg gorgeous outfit I couldnt do it I would probably go with longer shorts I think my daughter and honey would kill me .. Fab none the less you soo rocked it!!

  4. This is hott!!! Brave outfit and u killed it :)