Friday, February 5, 2016

NYFW 2016

So it's that time of the year and I'm super excited.

NYFW 2016, hands down one of the best time of the year apart from the Super Bowl, but let's be honest ,even so, fashion plays a role as we await the half time show and what that performer or performers is wearing , and best believe this blogger is there.

What trend am I most excited to see?
       Well, I've always been a fan of diversity when it comes to my clothes. I can go from fun, flirty, playful, cool , carefree, right down to sophisticated and classy. A designer who knows a woman's sense of style and body is greatly appreciated in my book, especially when they allow you to bask in the imagery of their design.

Michael Kors Pre-Fall Collection 2016
Talking about diversity, how can a girl wrong, he has just about everything to sway our minds into believing we can be that classy and sophisticated.
With his impeccable tailored coat, lady like colors and textures. Allowing lace to be brimmed with childlike charms. 

Michael has always been that one designer that I would go to. He understands the everyday woman, along with the wide range of celebrity women who has worn his design. He creates and deliver!, to see more of Michael's Collection.
Oh man! if I had the opportunity to attend this year fashion show it would be
Don Von Furstenberg on Sunday 14th-5:00pm
Prabal Gurung on Sunday 17th-7:00pm
Oscar de la Renta on Tuesday 16th-6:30pm
If you guys are interested in ways  to stay continued with fashion week, Eventbrite would be the way to go. I chose a couple that I would be interested in below. They have the best shows which some are free and cost efficient for your wallet. Eventbrite even has a ticketing section
Miss World America

Fashion Week, New York F/W 2016
Love what they stand for (Stop Child Trafficking)
Hope this is able to help you guys out there. See you all around and have a great time NYFW 2016.


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